On Demand Webinar | HR Strategies to Reduce Your Employment Practices Risk

  • December 31, 2021
  • Webinar


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Speaker: Chris Cooley, MyHRConcierge

The primary focus of the webinar is to educate participants on the monetary risks associated with not having good HR strategies, as well as to present strategies for mitigating financial risk.


The areas discussed are:

  • History on the rise of EEOC claims
  • Penalties associated with not properly performing I-9s
  • The federal government’s increased enforcement of I-9s
  • E-Verify requirements and the penalties for not performing E-Verify
  • Why Employee Handbooks are needed
  • Ways to reduce risk associated with hiring practices
  • How to handle harassment and other types of complaints
  • How to properly handle terminations


The webinar is approximately 1 hour in length.