Healthcare Security: How to Protect Your System Against Attack

  • January 24, 2019
  • 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Mississippi Nurses Association Office: 31 Woodgreen Place Madison, MS 39110


For many years, more and more medical documentation has been pushed from paper filled filing cabinets to digital / networked stored databases.  These databases contain highly sensitive information, PHI, as well financial information, etc.  Today, very sophisticated “burglars” are designing clever ways to access this information so they can steal it, hold it hostage and copy it.  When you think they can’t get to you and your data, then you are in trouble.  We intend to provide you with a better understanding of the dangerous digital word you live in and how you and your data can be made safer.

We plan to discuss the following:

-Specific threats that exist today

-The cost of these threats if you do not protect your networked and database assets

-2018 examples of PHI and other private data violations

-Overall best practices for protecting your valuable data and networked devices

-What an attack / hack looks like

-Specific products and services that address your needs

When you leave this session, you will have:

-A better understanding of the threats you face 

-The best methods to avoid PHI/privacy breaches 

-The warning signs that allow you to recognize an attack/hack

-An understanding of what to do if you get attacked/hacked 

If you have other questions and/or concerns, we will try to address them, as well.

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