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    • 01 Jan 2016
    • 31 Dec 2018
    • Virtual

    • This is a three-year credential, lasting from January 2016 - December 2019.
    • Applicant must have at least 3 years or rural-specific professional experience
    • Applicant must complete a minimum of 75 hours of MRHF continuing education over the three-year period previous to application.
    • Applicant must be an active member of the Mississippi Rural Health Association
    • Applicant must complete a Quality Improvement Project.  

    • 22 Feb 2016
    • 21 Feb 2019
    • Virtual

    • This is a three-year credential, lasting from January 2016 - December 2019.
    • Applicant must complete a minimum of 75 hours of MRHF continuing education over the three-year period previous to application. Educational courses covering topics in rural health may count toward this number.
    • Applicant must be an active member of the Mississippi Rural Health Association
    • Applicant must complete a Quality Improvement Project.  

    • 14 Jun 2016
    • 12:00 PM
    • 30 Jun 2021
    • 12:00 PM
    • Online


    HCAHPS Breakthrough Webinar Series

    Join the Mississippi Rural Health Association for this dynamic, high impact, innovative, practical education series designed to achieve breakthrough sustainable improvements in your HCAHPS patient experience survey scores.


    This series consists of 13 individual, 1 hour webinars held on Tuesdays at noon (CST).  The dates for each webinar in the series is below.

    Each webinar in the series will focus on one HCAHPS domain and is crafted to provide participants with a step by step actionable blueprint to sustainably improve their patient experience scores.


    The content has been designed to provide an engaging, educational, how-to roadmap that will captivate the imagination of attendees to successfully drive positive behavioral change at every level.


    Each webinar includes a downloadable Learning Guide that features priority best practice tools, LEAN friendly SOP checklists, and critical implementation skills.


    Webinar Dates


    #1 The C-Suite Role in HCAHPS Transformation

    Available Tuesday, June 14, 2016, noon (CST)

    #2 Quiet at Night

    Available Tuesday, July 12, 2016, noon (CST)

    #3 Cleanliness Matters

    Available Tuesday, August 9, 2016, noon (CST)

    #4 Communication about Medications

    Available Tuesday, September 13, 2016, noon (CST)

    #5 Skilfull Physician Communication

    Available Tuesday, October 11, 2016, noon (CST)

    #6 Communication with Nurses

    Available Tuesday, November 8, 2016, noon (CST)

    #7 Discharge Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Available Tuesday, December 13, 2016, noon (CST)

    #8 Pain Control

    Available Tuesday, January 10, 2017, noon (CST)

    #9 Revolutionize Staff Responsiveness

    Available Tuesday, February 14, 2017, noon (CST)

    #10 Transition of Care

    Available Tuesday, March 14, 2017, noon (CST)

    #11 High-Performing Overall Hospitals

    Available Tuesday, April 11, 2017, noon (CST)

    #12 The Power of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

    Available Tuesday, May 9, 2017, noon (CST)

    #13 Marucs Engel: Applied Inspiration

    Available Tuesday, June 13, 2017, noon (CST)


    • 01 Jan 2017
    • 31 Mar 2020
    • Online

    On-Demand Webinar:

    Creating Enhanced RHC Quality Care | MACRA and CCM

    CEU: 1 hour MRHF, ACHE


    Education on CMS strategic vision for transitioning from FFS to PFP

    • MACRA The Medicare Access Chip Reauthorization Act
    • CMS center piece towards Medicare beneficiary quality care – Chronic Care Management and the Incentive to deliver

    Presented by:

    Shawntea (Taya) Moheiser, CMPE, CMOM

    Director of Client Services and Health Policy

    H3C LLC Chronic Care Coordination

    How can a Mississippi Rural Health Clinic partner with 3rd Party to achieve the direction described in CMS MACRA policy


    H3C capabilities:  

    • Secure FDA-approved cloud-based communications and data storage through a HIPAA-compliant process, with no on-site data
    • Trained nurses and certified medical assistants, organized in dedicated care teams to provide continuity for patients and practices
    • Care coordination software to manage requirements for CCM and TCM
    • Contact center integration of existing and emerging technologies to manage communication flow and secure data capture
    • State-of-the-art H3C contact center facility in a securely managed environment

    Presented by

    Rik Smith

    Chief Operating Officer

    H3C LLC

    Steps to working with H3C, LLC if interested 

    Herb Krumbein, Business Development H3C


    • 01 Jan 2017
    • 31 Dec 2021
    • Webinar

    Speaker: Chris Cooley, MyHRConcierge

    The primary focus of the webinar is to educate participants on the monetary risks associated with not having good HR strategies, as well as to present strategies for mitigating financial risk.


    The areas discussed are:

    • History on the rise of EEOC claims
    • Penalties associated with not properly performing I-9s
    • The federal government’s increased enforcement of I-9s
    • E-Verify requirements and the penalties for not performing E-Verify
    • Why Employee Handbooks are needed
    • Ways to reduce risk associated with hiring practices
    • How to handle harassment and other types of complaints
    • How to properly handle terminations


    The webinar is approximately 1 hour in length.

    • 14 Mar 2017
    • 12:00 PM
    • 31 Mar 2020
    • 1:00 PM
    • Online

    On Demand Webinar:

    Turning New Supervisors into Powerful Leaders: 

    How to Provide Inexperienced Managers the Skills to Lead Their Teams

    In this 60-minute webinar, productivity coach Bruce Lee maps the strategies you can start using immediately to turn

    even the newest, most inexperienced supervisors into effective leaders. For starters, you'll learn how to help supervisors

    strengthen the five crucial leadership qualities that will enable them to reduce conflicts, stress and morale. You'll also 

    discover practical ways to help supervisors demonstrate management skills and knowledge that will win their team's trust 

    and respect. You will be able to promote employees into new roles with the confidence that they will take charge and drive

    up the results you need with their direct report and their key numbers. The right attitude and an effective motivation skill 

    set will shorten the learning curve that generates the know-how to drive creativity, accountability and productivity. 

    You will learn to:

    • Help new supervisors understand what motivates employees these days 
    • Get new managers to buy in to an attitude of continuous improvement 
    • Work more effectively with Generation-Y managers and employees 
    • Focus new managers on the most important career-building talents and attributes 
    • Empower new supervisors to increase engagement, accountability, productivity and profitability 
    • Teach new supervisors how to develop trust with their direct reports 

    • 13 Apr 2017
    • 31 Dec 2018
    • Webinar

    The Power of Trust for the Healthcare Professional

    Speaker: Bruce Lee of Bruce Lee Retention and Productivity Training 

    Discover the real power behind Trust that accelerates engagement, fosters productivity and supports
    your hospitals community reputation. Trust is everything in the business world today. It is all about
    character and integrity and is the intangible asset that is critical to your short and long term success
    with your workforce and to the patient and their family. This is how to build up and maintain the
    power behind an engaged and empowered workforce. Everyone will receive a complimentary e-book
    copy of Bruce’s book: Why Trust Me? Making Trust Your Competitive Edge.


    You Will Learn:

    -   Identify the most significant reasons employees leave & the impact that has on the rest
    -   Understand the impact that trust or the lack of trust, has on people & the organizations success.
    -   Embrace the three keys ideas to improving productivity, retention and morale known as: S.A.M.
    -   Discover the real power of TRUST that drives profitability

    -   Understand what great managers know that average managers do not when it comes

        to employee development
    -   Identify how to implement the Situational Leadership Model with new employees to
        move them to confidence and empowerment

    -  Utilize the three self-tests that drive up and support trust, retention, and loyalty.


    • 06 Jul 2017
    • 9:00 AM - 2:30 PM
    • Vicksburg Convention Center: 1600 Mulberry St, Vicksburg, MS 39180

    This special workshop will combine topics of interest for both rural hospitals and rural health clinics.  The workshop will be taught by nationally recognized rural health instructor Patty Harper, RHIA, CHTS-IM, CHTS-PW from InQuiseek, LLC.

    MACRA and MIPS for 2017:  We are half way into the first reporting year for MIPS!  IT's time to get serious! This session will explore this year's  reporting requirements and take a look at practical strategies for maximizing participation while proving an overview of the new program. 

    Minding the Store: Learning how to build a well-functioning revenue cycle team is just as important as monitoring financial metrics when it comes to optimizing your revenue cycle performance.  In this session, we will discuss how to "mind the store" through an interdisciplinary, integrated approach that considers both work processes and team buy-in. 

    Patty Harper:

    Patty Harper is CEO of InQuiseek, LLC, a business and healthcare consulting company based in Louisiana. She is well known for her involvement with rural health clinics and rural hospitals, especially across the South.    With over 18 years of healthcare experience in the areas of healthcare finance & reimbursement, health information management, compliance, and physician practice management, Patty began her healthcare career as a hospital controller and reimbursement analyst.  She holds a B.S. (cum laude) from Louisiana Tech University.  She is credentialed through AHIMA as a Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA), CHTS-IM (EHR Implementation Specialist) and CHTS-PW (Practice Workflow and Information Management Redesign Specialist) and has been recognized as an AHIMA-Approved ICD-10-CM/PCS Trainer since 2011. She is also a frequent speaker and contributor for national, state and regional and rural healthcare associations on these and other reimbursement-related topics.  She holds a board seat on Louisiana Rural Health Association and is an active committee member for LRHA and NARHC projects.  She holds active memberships in many regional, state and national organizations 

    • 14 Jul 2017
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Online

    This webinar will discuss the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid’s Emergency Preparedness Rule and what it takes for your organization to become compliant, through planning, training, and exercising. Additionally, we will discuss how your organization can sustain this new regulation going forward after the deadline.


    The window for compliancy is quickly closing and we want to ensure your organization is ready for a more resilient future.

    • 25 Jul 2017
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Online

    Speaker: Bruce Lee of Bruce Lee Retention and Productivity Training 

    Stress is a killer— to you and to employee engagement, empowerment, productivity, morale and a sense of
    accomplishment. When your self-esteem goes down, and your reputation and the work you do is threatened,
    how you handle it can be a serious blow to your career. If you are constantly overwhelmed, you are not as
    productive as you should be. Your performance suffers and the ability to lead people and projects takes a hit.

    As demands on you and your time continue to increase, so does the level of stress, unless you have a plan
    in place to handle it. When you are expected to accomplish more with less, take on increased duties and
    responsibilities, make tough decisions you need confidence – that you can handle it all. Even worse, when
    your stress rubs off on your employees, no one is operating at peak performance, and they will generate a
    toxic environment.

    The sources of stress are endless and it is critical that you learn to recognize, manage and mitigate the
    negative effects of what stresses you. This is being proactive and taking steps to eliminate the stressors
    you can—and dealing with the stress you can’t.

    In this powerful webinar, productivity coach and speaker Bruce Lee is going to show you how to de-stress
    yourself and your environment and grow your career. During this session, he will discuss:

    • Stress: The good, the bad and the downright ugly
    • The issues that are causing you to stress out and stay that way
    • Identifying and managing your biggest stressors at work
    • How to get swagger and grow your reputation
    • Time management tactics to take back control of your day
    • How the right communication at the right time can reduce your stress
    • Creating a stress-less work environment
    • The keys to overcoming stress—and hit your goals
    • And more!

    Extra bonuses:
    Attendees will receive two special reports “21 Day De-Stress Prescription Plan”
    and “33 Ways to Reduce Stress.”
    PDF Copy of book: Why Trust Me? Making Trust your Competitive Edge
    E-book: Keep Your Nurses & Healthcare Professionals for Life

    • 15 Nov 2017
    • 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • Jackson
    • 49


    Joanie Perkins, CPC, North Sunflower Medical Center


    This workshop will prepare Rural Health Clinics with completion of their Annual Program Evaluation.  Cited as the largest error during site reviews, this workshop will walk each attendee through their evaluation and sign-off for completion.

    The workshop will also include an update from the Department of Medicaid as well as a very informative session on RHC Compliance and program evaluations from an actual evaluator.

    It designed for clinic administrators, clinic managers, billers, clinic financial personnel, and quality assurance officers. 


    Tentative agenda

    8:00 a.m.      Registration

    8:30 a.m.      Welcome and Introduction

    8:45 a.m.      Annual Program Evaluation, Part 1

    10:30 a.m.    Break

    10:45 a.m.    The Compliance Team

    11:30 a.m.    Lunch session -Division of Medicaid

    12:30 p.m.    Annual Program Evaluation, Part 2

    2:30 p.m.      Navigating the Stages of Meaningful Use

    3:00 p.m.      Evaluation/Adjourn


    §491.11 Condition of Coverage: Program Evaluation


    An evaluation of a clinic’s total operation including the overall organization, administration, policies and procedures covering personnel, fiscal and patient care areas must be done at least annually. This evaluation may be done by the clinic, the group of professional personnel required under 42 CFR 491.9(b)(2), or through arrangement with other appropriate professionals.


    Here’s what you need to bring to the workshop:

      A laptop that connects to the internet

      A copy of your current policy and procedure manual

      Total number of visits by provider for a 12 month period by payer type

      Results of chart audit – 10 open (active) charts and 5 closed (pt’s who have left the practice) charts. 


    What you’ll leave with…

    A completed Annual Program Evaluation that will keep you in compliance for the next 12 months.

    • 16 Nov 2017
    • 8:30 AM
    • 17 Nov 2017
    • 3:00 PM
    • Jackson Marriott: 200 E Amite St, Jackson, MS 39201

    The Mississippi Rural Health Association's 22nd Annual Conference will be held from November 16-17, 2017 at the Jackson Marriott. 

    Major healthcare speakers, plenty of continuing education opportunities, and fun networking events are just a few of the reasons to sign-up today!

    Continuing Education

    Continuing education units will be sought for:

    • CME
    • Nursing
    • Coding (AAPC)
    • Accounting
    • Hospital Administrator
    • Nursing Home Administrator

    Travel and Hotel

    The Jackson Hilton will be offering a group rate for conference attendees.  More information will be released soon.

    Agenda forthcoming 
    • 16 Nov 2017
    • 8:30 AM
    • 17 Nov 2017
    • 3:00 PM
    • Jackson Marriott: 200 E Amite St, Jackson, MS 39201

    The Mississippi Rural Health Association's 22nd Annual Conference will be held from November 16-17, 2017 at the Jackson Marriott: 200 E. Amite St. Jackson, MS 39201

    Major healthcare speakers, plenty of continuing education opportunities, and fun networking events are just a few of the reasons to sign-up today!

    Anticipated Continuing Education

    •   13.5 hrs Mississippi Rural Health Fellow (MRHF)
    •   13.5 hrs Nursing (general practice and DNP: anticipated hours)
    •   13.5 hrs Hospital Administrator
    •   13.5 hrs Nursing Home Administrator
    •   10 hrs Accounting
    •     8 hrs. AAPC Coding
    •     8 hrs Certified Medical Education  

    Travel and Hotel

    The Hilton will be offering group rate hotel rooms.  More information available soon. 

    Agenda forthcoming 


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